My Routine and Other Things

I am trying to learn a little more about vector based artwork, I am not super savvy in that world of digital art. Thanks to the Adventures In Design Network (AID Network) and being part of the Circle Of Trust, I am able to snag two months of free classes through SkillShare! So look out, cause ya boy gonna be playing with all sorts of vectors and whatever else comes along with that medium. 


You should check out some of the shows that the AID Network has to offer. I am not good at listening to podcasts but these shows have a great balance of delicious, juicy material and side splitting moments of laughter, which make them easy and enjoyable to listen to.

Which gets me into the topic I want to chat about in this post - my routine. I’ll also share a few of my favorite shows and episodes with you at the end.

I must say that what got me into the routine I have now was due to the first AID podcast I listened to, Power of Daily Routine (you can find it here). I had to take a step back and look at the things that allow me to get the job done. This may be obvious to most people but I needed help to come to this realization. 

At that time I had just got off of a 5 month tour with Drake and the Migos and I couldn’t have been happier. It was draining all around and in every aspect of life. I longed for my friends, art and a vacation. So that’s what I sought out. I spent most of my time at Brooklyn Boulders Chicago getting caught up on my climbing and hanging with friends. I was prepping for the Renegade and Revolution Craft Shows as well as knocking out some commissioned work. So I hit the ground running printing and drawing, and on top of it all, my trip to the Faroe Islands was right around the corner. I was stoked to have so much going on and it all positive things. 


After a super successful outcome at Renegade and a blast of a time at the Faroes, I was back in Chicago and the holidays were quickly approaching. My buddy, Rob, have gifted me a membership to the Adventures In Design podcast. 

This podcast has changed my life.

So I have created a routine that allows me to get amped, create, and feel accomplished without overworking myself. 

At the start of the day I get my coffee going. I rock out a nice pour over while listening to the news. I give myself 30 minutes to an hour of relaxing, walking up, listening to the news, sipping coffee and snacking on some brekky.

I’ll brew up another cup of jo, and start my journaling for the day. I use this exercise to clear my mind of any distractions, straight up a stream of conscious written down. As I get the nitty gritty, distracting, and tough thoughts outta the way I get into what excites me. Typically a project I am working on, climbing goals that I want to hit, or the excitement I feel about hanging out with certain people. The second half of this gets me amped to take on the goals that I had previously set for the day.

I use an  Ink+Volt planner  and Moleskin journals

I use an Ink+Volt planner and Moleskin journals

Journaling is key to getting my head on straight for the day. It sorts out the negative thoughts and allows me to get past those distractions in order to move to a direction of creating and positive thinking. It allows me to process things I need to process and helps make decisions that I find challenging. Journaling provides a way to balance out pros and cons of opportunities. This means that journaling is a definite must for me in order to get the day off to a good start and more free from distracting thoughts than I would be otherwise.

Moving onto the rest of my morning and it typically looks like computer work - making changes on my website, submitting orders for more inventory and fulfilling orders.

  • I’ll scope out my wholesalers’ websites to see about deals and seek out inspiration. I explore new products, usually gets me pumped and inspired to create. I am contemplating flasks, wallets and belts just to name a few. A little research on how I can get these products made and where I can get them from. 

  • I’ll check my website numbers and see where I can improve advertising, marketing, as well as the overall design of my site

  • I’ll go ahead and get any orders that I need to ship out prepped and ready to be mailed. 

  • Finally I’ll make one last push to respond or send any emails. 

I try to get the things that require me to be at my computer done before I leave the house. It’s extra weight, another thing I have to be conscious of while I am out, and a distraction. 

After I get my desk work hashed out I venture to any number of my favorite coffee shops.

I’ll spend a few hours at my selected office for the day. Joined by another cup of coffee and a donut I set out to review my goals, work on current ones and set new ones. 

By this time I start hanging with my friends from the AID Network. Typically I’ll listen to Hammer Time, my favorite show for drawing too. Hammer Time (insert link) where Mark Brickey (podcast host),Michael Hammer (owner of Violent Gentlemen), Biggie (entertainment manager at Good Fight Entertainment), Tavo (tattooer at Torch Tattoo) get together and talk art, favorite restaurants, Disneyland, and poke fun at each other. This show tends to be the one that I put on while I draw. It’s lighthearted enough to follow along but if I miss something then it isn’t too much trouble. 

IMG_3144 2.jpg

After I wrap up my day of drawing and goal setting I find myself heading to Brooklyn Boulders for an evening of friends, climbing, and hanging. I’ll get a good session in with my homies then we head out for food, chill vibes, and good times.

This is arguably the most important part of the day. The time I get to spend with the people I want to spend it with. These are people that inspire me, that motivate me, that keep me accountable, and push me to be a better person. They love and care about me and want nothing but happiness and success for me.

Now, I trust that I have created opportunities for myself and it was me who decided to take the risks and chances but these guys had my back the entire time, through good decisions and bad. 

It’s important to surround yourself with likeminded, driven, and encouraging people. That influence rubs off and works both ways. I can’t stress enough as to what my friends and community means to me. 

So there you have it, a brief rundown of my daily routine (while I am at home, my daily routine while touring or traveling shifts a lot and I draw and goal set in my downtime, which varies). The day to day tends to shift a little. I may throw in a yoga class before drawing. Or I may forgo drawing altogether and decide to work on music instead. there is a chance I’ll go to Spudnik Coop and do some screen printing. Either way I do my best to fill my allotted time with something creative, even if it doesn’t happen to be drawing.

56642933535__51F63311-51E7-4894-BAEE-620BEF1B3BC8 2.JPG

Scheduling this out before the day comes help relieve the stress of deciding what to do and how to fill your day. A little trick I’ve found very affective for me, setting yourself up to have certain decisions made for you before you have to make them.

Alrighty, so a few of the shows I really dig from the AID Network are Shop Talk and The DKNG Show. Both are dope and will get you motivated, laughing, and educated! These are the ones I tend to lean to when I want some motivation on how to make my next creative steps meaningful, intentional, and effective. Like I mentioned earlier, the Power of You series is really what set me off and got me jonsing for me creative endeavors and how to really do what I want to do with certain intentions and goals.

Thanks for reading guys! See you soon!

  • Jordan W.